Input Kitchens

How it started!

Input Kitchens was the first customer for MJT Designs Ltd back in 2005 and still a great customer today. It all started with a phone call! Input Kitchens had bought a cad system and had training, but soon realised that designing, quoting, delivering and running a kitchen company was enough to keep them busy, so spending the time creating CAD images their customers were expecting seemed a little daunting.

MJT Designs Steps In

That's where we came in! We agreed on a price (this has now become our pricing structure) and started creating as detailed images are we could. As the CAD system has improved over the years and customers expectations have got higher, we continue to strive to ensure our images are as detailed as they can be.


We like to refer to our long-standing customers as friends. In the last few years, we have continued creating CADs for Input Kitchens and updated our ways of working to mirror the changes in their business.

Take a look

The gallery on this page shows a few examples of cads we have created for Input Kitchens.


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