About Us

Who we are!
We specialise in creating CAD visuals

MJT Designs is owned and run by Martyn Jennings-Temple and is based in Staffordshire.

We help our customers to concentrate on the designing and selling of kitchens, not spending hours trying to create the right images in a CAD system.

MJT Designs has been trading since 2005. In that time we have helped our customers by taking away the hassle of creating superior CAD images within a short time frame. The images we create are of a high quality because we concentrate on the details, such as the lighting, textures and viewing angles; all things that can help hook your customer in.

So if you:

  • Take longer than your company can afford to complete a plan?
  • Are paying support fees with little in return?
  • Don’t use your current system to its full potential?
  • Feel your business now needs CAD drawings?
  • Are just too busy to do everything!
  • Need support with your visuals when your designer is away


How it works

1. Send us your plan / design via email, fax or shared file.


2. MJT Designs create the CAD visual within a timeframe of two working days. We return the visual to you via email, shared file or first class post (in a hard backed envelope).


3. You receive the CAD visual and present it to your customer either on screen, via tablet or in a printed format.


All photo realism pictures are printed on Photo Glossy paper. All other printouts are printed on plain paper. Plans will be posted 1st class in hard backed envelopes, so when they get to you they are still in presentation condition. All items will be posted within 2 working days of receipt. Alternatively images can be file shared using Drop Box.


See our pricing packages for more details


Please call 01543 624237 or contact us for more details.

We can highly recommend MJT Designs Services. Before using Martyn a lot of my time was taken up producing drawings. Since using Martyn I can now use my time more productively in the quoting & the design part of our business.

The drawings are very detailed images, and quite often we get comments from clients who mention what high quality they are compared to our competitors.

Carl Glenton, Input Kitchens, Cottingham, Hull.